SMM-manager is a profession of the 21st century. Because of its obvious youth, still, not everyone understands what a specialist with such a name is capable of and what requirements can be imposed on him. We offer to understand everything. Best smm.

SMM-Manager: who is this person and what should he become?
SMM manager, who are you?
The main task of an SMM manager is to promote products or services on the Internet. To do this, there is a whole range of measures.

Some believe that the duties of an SMM manager are limited to filling sites with content and setting up ads. However, this is too narrow an understanding of the profession. A good specialist is, first of all, a strategist who is able to plan a comprehensive promotion of a product or service. Content and online advertising in this case will be just one of the many tools that he will use to get results.

A narrow understanding of the specifics of the SMM manager’s work leads to the fact that many companies miss out on the benefits. According to statistics, 79% of Russian manufacturers of goods or service workers try to promote themselves online. However, in 95% of cases, this is not done professionally. Most often, the coverage of the Internet audience is assigned either to their hastily trained employee or incorrectly form tasks for professionals.

SMM-Manager: who is this person and what should he become?
As a result, companies actually acquire pages in social networks and even attract some audience to them,not realizing that they use this resource for less than a third of its capacity.

However, the trend is that the SMM services market is becoming more professional. The number of companies in social networks is growing, and the understanding of what opportunities they open is increasing. Naturally, this is followed by the realization that a person who can attract a huge audience of potential customers can not «cost» the company cheap.

As a result, qualified SMM specialists are becoming more and more popular every year. But the problem is that the talent pool is growing much more slowly than the demand for social media promotion services.

What is the responsibility of an SMM manager?
A clear definition of the responsibilities of the SMM manager will help to avoid misunderstandings. Here’s what it should do:

create and maintain pages in social networks, filling them with high-quality interesting content in a timely manner;
to develop a strategy to promote the product, create media and content plans;
promote a product or service on social networks;
develop creative special projects and contests;
prepare reports on accounts and promotions;
analyze the activity of competitors in social networks;
select performers and monitor their work;
monitor and analyze the information field, follow the industry news, track the latest trends;
maintain feedback with subscribers, engage them in activities, and maintain communication.
To implement a particular product, the SMM manager must take several important steps. At each stage, he will have to make decisions on which the success of the entire enterprise depends.

SMM-Manager: who is this person and what should he become?
At the first stage, you need to make the right choice of a social network. Each group gathers its own audience, of a certain age, level of wealth, with certain interests. Dividing the budget between several social networks is not as profitable as focusing on one with the most suitable audience.

Next, you will need to make every effort to draw the attention of users to your product and service. Content and properly configured advertising are effective tools, but not the only ones.

At the next stage, it is important not only to keep the attention of the attracted audience but also to encourage them to go directly to the company’s resources.

At the same time, the SMM manager can develop a business strategy. It largely depends on whether the company will be able to make money or, on the contrary, lose it. Only a person with experience, able to analyze the situation and able to feel the state of the market will be able to choose the right direction.

Among other things, the SMM manager must have organizational skills. This is necessary in order to properly organize work with contractors. He will have to:

find performers on freelance exchanges or other online platforms;
set tasks;
monitor the execution.
It is important for the SMM-schik to understand technological issues. The introduction of automation tools that will make the page in the social network more convenient and interesting is also his task.

And finally, to keep up to date with all the innovations and trends, you need to constantly follow the news on your topic. According to statistics, a good SMM manager spends from 30 minutes to an hour a day reading them.

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